The search

Enfants Terribles Records has its focus on Pop, Rock and Indie music without that meaning that we have our ears closed for anything that sounds beautiful.
The fact that we have our own recording studio and produce the music ourselves, gives us the opportunity to offer complete freedom and independance to our artists, regarding the music production process.

We believe that those two factors are the right ingredients when it comes to good music, true emotion and successful releases.

The talent

We are constantly on the lookout for new talent. We listen to every demo we receive and of course, if in our town, we’d gladly come and see you play live in a gig or rehearsal.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!


The enfants terribles team

The  Team

Engineering / Producing
(German expertise, “qualität” and hard work to the last detail)

Producing / Arrangements / Graphics und Web Design
(French temperament, high IQ and advanced musicianship)

Producing / Engineering / Promo
(Greek mythical powers enable him to record supernatural sounding music)

The philosophy

We all work with sincere love for what we do and dedicate ourselves to the music in order to produce a recording, that all of us are going to be proud of, for many years to come!

”Respect” and ”open mind” are our 2 most important principles while working on a production.

Our studio is ”klein aber fein”, with microphones, preamps and console of professional standards and enough space, which makes various productions approaches possible.  ( ex. live recording in separate rooms)

Any song leaving our ”Sound Smith” MUST sound good. That’s the way we want it!