”Than.eye” were formed in 2014 in Germany. The Project is a reformation of the greek band ”Rosebleed” which had a 10 year long go in Greece as one of the most promising upcoming acts. After moving to Germany, 3 of the original band members, who sticked to each other, discovered that Danai (frontwoman) has been working on some ideas that until then, she kept for herself. These ideas gave the band the material and inspiration needed to form a whole new project based on the new sounds. Having a new member, Florian, on bass they released their very first single “Showie” in March 2014.

Recording & producing all music themselves, their next single titled ‘King Snake’ came a month later followed by the band’s first DIY video. The idea of the video was concepted by Danai and was made possible after a lot of hard work by the band and some really close friends.
It was all released under Than.eye’s alter ego, a small production Company named ‘Selini Project’ and our Label ‘Enfants Terribles Records’.

Than.eye’s DEBUT mini Album ‘XI’ (11-eleven) includes the first 3 singles as well as 3 brand new Tracks, Little Things, Always Compare and Father, is released in Oktober 2016. Songs about long gone innocence, hope and salvation.
Going off with Triphop feel, groovy beats and dark atmospheres and slowly coming to find some of the pagan and anatolian elements of the bands geographical roots, it clearly takes you through the unpredictable spectrum of the band’s influences and musical taste.