Drapeau_françaisI permanently hear people speaking about french touch, so I have to ask to myself:
– what the f*** is french touch?

When I sing, when I arrange a song or compose a melody, even when I just like a song, I hear the same comment:”it sounds sooo french”. I can tell you once: french people don’t want, try or plan to make “french touch”. We don’t have the ounce of an idea what “french touch” is. So, everybody can explain it and nobody will be wrong. And here is my explanation: 100 songs that every frenchie knows. 100 influences that we had all. 100 melodies that 3 generations are able to sing together.

10 categories, each 10 songs. Be carefull! It’s old and sticky.

  • Big stuff: massive, big productions, big melodies
  • Party stuff: yes, french people can dance. Go in a french discotheque and try to find someone who’s not dancing. Impossible
  • Old stuff: this ist what our parents or our grandparents heard. We sometimes hate it, but we had to hear it at home, on the radio, in the car, in bars, in restaurants. Oh yeah, we hate it!
  • Chanson: if you don’t know what Chanson is, you may be french
  • Rock: No need to go to the USA, we have “le rock” too
  • Pop: the king of pop is french, but we still searching for him
  • Melancholic stuff: the songs we unpack to seduce your girls
  • Funny stuff: we are horribly funny in France
  • Kid stuff: the Songs we loved as we were kids
  • Cartoon and sitcom: the songs we love now because they recall our youth