Drapeau_françaisI permanently hear people speaking about french touch, so I have to ask to myself:
– what the f*** is french touch?

When I sing, when I arrange a song or compose a melody, even when I like a Song, it’s the same comment:”it sounds so french”. I can tell you once: french people don’t want, try or plan to make “french touch”. We don’t have to ounce of an idea what “french touch” is. So, everybody can explain it and nobody will be wrong. And here is my explanation: 100 songs that every frenchie knows. 100 influences that we had all. 100 melodies that we are able to sing with.

Big stuff: massive, big productions, big melodies

Johnny Hallyday – Requiem pour un fou

Johnny Hallyday is one of the famoust french artist, selling millions of records, playing in stadiums. You’ll love it, or you’ll hate it. We call him “le taulier” (the boss / the owner)

Michel Jonasz – je veux pas que tu t’en ailles

Michel Jonasz started his career as a jazzman and became famous as a crooner. He’s know a musician and an actor.

Claude François – Comme d’habitude

Yes, this is the original and not a cover. Frank Sinatra covered this song and maked it worldwide famous. Claude François was also a “big” artist in the 70s and died on the top of his career

Michel Berger – Le blues du businessman

Originally composed by Michel Berger and Luc Plamondon for the musicall “Starmania”, this song has been sung by a lot of french and… canadian Artist

Michel Polnareff – Lettre à France
(covered by Pascal Obispo)

Michel Polnareff has a difficult relationship with his country. That’s why he leaves France 1973 to go to the USA. This is what it’s about in this song

Michel Sardou – Les Lacs du Connemara

Wanna see frenchies singing and screaming very loud ? Try it it with this song, but take care of your ears.

Serge Lama – Malade
(covered by Lara Fabian)

One more song that has been covered all around the world. Have a look in Youtube and you’ll even find it in Inuit

Jacques Dutronc – Paris s’éveille

I don’t remember the time before this song

Nicole Croisille – Téléphone moi

Oooooh yes baby, I will call you

Serge Gainsbourg – Manon

OK, OK: it’s not the famoust Song from Gainsbourg. But it’s a big production